You want to go camping? Find out how to choose the right tent.

So you are making plans for camping? Definitely one of the most important things you should bring is the tent. When there is a storm coming or it is incredible hot, the only thing left to protect you out there is a tent, so you better pay attention when you buy it. There is a whole bunch of tent brands, sizes and quality level, but the question is: how to make the right choice? Here are some of the tips for choosing the right one…

What should you pay attention to?

First of all, what are the criteria that one tent should meet? This question may be way more complex than you would think at first. Waterproof or not, how much space does it have, how much time does it take for setup, cabin form or dome form, and of course, how much does it cost. The more information about tent you know, the better choice you will make.


The most important thing that you should consider is the quality of a tent. First thing that you should pay attention to is materials that tent is made of. Tent has to be made of materials that are strong enough to stand some sharp objects like stones and bushes so it couldn’t tear up easy but also made of some soft materials so it could have proper ventilation. Also it is important that parts that hold a tent are strong enough to resist wind and keep tent standing still.


No matter if you are going alone or with family you should always look for a tent that has a lot of space and that will make you feel comfortable. You don’t want to crouch or bend all the time when you are inside your tent. It is important thing that there is enough space to stand and that you have space to put all your stuff inside tent, especially if you are going with your family or friends because, naturally, more people means more space.

Which brand to choose?

There is a huge number of tent brands, but choosing the right brand that is well-known and reliable is very important. Here is the list of some of the best tent brands: Big Agnes, REI, Marmot, Kelty, Coleman, Helleberg and NEMO. So, you should definitely be picky and choose from one of the brands from this list.

That concludes this camping tent review with some of the basic things you should watch when buying a new tent. Maybe the best tents require a bit more money to spend but, after all, if you choose the right tent it will last for many years and you surely won’t regret spending some extra cash for a tent that will make you enjoy every moment of camping.

Never Give Up Style While You Travel – Travel Mugs Show Who You Are!

Never Give Up Style While You Travel – Travel Mugs Show Who You Are!

Travel mugs can be iconic, like the one I use. I got mine from an online store. It was on discount when I got it, but the quality and style, totally uncompromised. Let me tell you how to get connected to your travel mug! Here are a few quick pointers to note while choosing the best travel mugs online!

Choosing Your Commuter Mug
While you want to choose a travel mug, either for you or to gift someone, it could be a tedious job to get the right one. You might be confused about the choices you make and must also be wondering how much it would be used in future. Well, here is a quick guide. You must be sure to note the following factors:

Personalization- Choose a style that suits the person best. Personally I do not like using personalised mugs, but I love to gift them to friends. I have many friends who still use the travel mugs I gifted to them on various occasions even after years of gifting. The reason why they use could vary, but the travel mug reviews they have provided me are almost same! It is best to have some part of your style embodied in your very own travel mug.

Size – The size of the travel mug must be in correspondence to how much of hot or cold drink you consume on an average. If you are a lot of fluid person like me, get a big one. My friends, some of them, just want to wet their throat, they have a handy small travel mug that would hold only a cup full of drink.

Colour and Style – Many prefer a stainless steel bodied travel mug. It seems like they are more effective in keeping your coffee hot throughout your journey, but it is not. Silver cups are good too. Silver on black or a black on white makes great patterns. The colour and style of the travel mug is must noted and gives a great first impression if you choose them right!

The Extra Fittings – Also, most travel mugs have extra options like having a tea infuser or a slid top to have your sip of a drink. Take a note before you buy

Once you decide on the travel mug and note down the various features, you are all good to go! Have a happy shopping time followed by great travelling experience with the hot drink by your side, with full style!

Best Tea Infuser: Styles And Usage Techniques

If you are particularly fond of the rich aromatic flavor of the premium loose tea of your choice, infuser mugs could be what you need for ensuring that you can enjoy your brew even on the move. Loose tea variants like the herbal green tea, white tea, and the traditional black tea are known to incorporate several health benefits and are being increasingly favored over caffeinated beverages like coffee.

Infusers have been able to provide interesting combinations for these healthy beverages, enhancing their goodness even further. Tea infuser mugs have made their presence felt in a big way. While the smaller ones can be used to make tea for one at home, the larger ones, which are provided with lids, can be used to carry your favorite brew to work or for consuming along the commute. This is a smart way of enjoying the brew of your choice irrespective of where you are.

Styles and Makes
Depending upon the aesthetics and usage, the styles and makes of the infuser mugs are known to vary. You could either avail of glass made versions or ones made of metal. There are clear glass mugs that are equally popular as the ones that have several decorative patterns on the outer glass. Similarly, double layered metal or glass mugs are also available, which keep the tea warm for almost two hours but is comfortably cool on the outer side so that you can hold it comfortably.

Some of the basic features of these mugs would include:
Larger lidded versions of these cups will have a tiny infuser on the lower surface of the lid. You need to fill just enough water so that it reaches the infuser.
If a clear glass cup is your pick, they are most often fitted with a transparent infuser along the rim which drops down into the water. These are of the same size as the cup rim and because they are transparent, you can actually see the tea leaves unfurl in water.
Most of these large mugs which are meant for travel will have leak proof lids so that the tea does not spill over.

When you use best tea infuser mugs for brewing your favorite tea, be careful about the quantity of loose tea you plan to use. You need to be particularly careful about the quantity of green tea and black tea and steep them carefully. Steeping for too long can lend a bitter taste to your favorite brew. Normally, there is a mesh infuser on the backside of the lid. Fill your choice of tea leaves into this mesh and the water should touch the meshed infuser. Now, just shake the mug gently for making the tea.

How to Select an Excellent Pair of Hiking Boots for Men

Hiking has become an important activity for many people because of its many benefits. Some of the benefits for hiking are it improves mental health, reduces hypertension and helps in losing weight. Hiking is defined as an outdoor activity that involves walking in natural environment. Hiking is generally an involving activity and the most important tool for this activity is the boots you choose to wear. There are many best hiking boots for men but none matches the quality of Vasque hiking boots. These boots are made to the highest quality and there is a wide variety to select from. Hiking boots reviews show that Vasque boots have received favorable reviews from customers.

What to consider when purchasing hiking boots for men.

The first thing to consider is the type of hiking you will be engaged in. The type of boots you settle on should be determined by the type of terrain you will be covering, the weight you will be carrying, the weather conditions of the region and the length of your hiking expedition. Vasque boots have boots to cater for each of these considerations. The varieties available are mountaineering boots, classic hiking boots, off trail boots and trail running boots.

The second thing to consider is the quality of the boots. Hikers should put quality of the boots above the price. This is because if you are uncomfortable when hiking, you will hardly remember how many dollars you saved from your purchase. Check the quality of the material used and the stitching on the boots. Vasque hiking boots for men are sturdy.

You also need to consider which characteristics of the boots will make for a good hiking experience. Are the boots light, are they water resistant, do they provide good support for the feet. Lighter boots will make hiking easier whereas water resistant boots will keep your feet dry when hiking under wet conditions. You need to choose a reputable brand like Vasque boots that has different types of boots that stick to high standards.

The choice of hiking boots will also be influenced by your hiking ability. For beginners, boots with good foot support are recommended because their heels, ankles, tendon calves and legs are not used to the strain of hiking. Boots that meet these criteria are heavier than other varieties. For an experienced hiker, they can comfortably use lighter boots that don’t have much of foot support.

You may get everything right on the boot but settle on the wrong size. There is nothing as uncomfortable as wearing shoes that don’t fit well. To avoid this problem you can consider the following tips.
• Feet tend to expand during the day so visit the shop much later in the day to try the hiking boots of your choice. Make sure you walk for 15 minutes before trying the boots.
• As you try the boots, wear the type of socks that you will be wearing when hiking.
• Look out for a snug fit when trying the boots.
• Wear both boots and tie the laces before walking around in them to determine the level of comfort.
If you follow these tips, you will enjoy your Vasque boots for a long time.

No explanation

I heard a recorder in which my present idol said an impressed sentence in 2006: A wildly brave life needs no explanation. He emphasized that except the closest friends and policemen, anyone’s misunderstanding is not worthy of an explanation. Let them misunderstand freely. In the next following years, I would comfort myself by reciting the sentence in my heart in the condition that I am misunderstood.

When I was in high school, two misunderstandings hurt me a lot. But when I recalled the experience now, I felt I was so foolish. The first thing happened in the winter of 2003. One day, I found my bike lying on the playground missed. It was my sister’s bike. So I went around the playground in order to find it. Not for a long while, I found the bike aside a classroom with two girls standing there. While I walked to my bike and was thinking why my bike was there, the two girls stopped my thinking and asked me why I stole their bike. I insisted that the bike there belonged to me. We couldn’t convince each other, but we all claimed the bike belonged to us each other. We soon went to see the headmaster on the purpose of checking out whoever the bike belonged to. The headmaster asked the two girls come in to his office and I didn’t know what happened inside. A few minutes later, I came in. I thought the headmaster would ask me some questions about the bike or ask me to provide some evidence about the bike, but he didn’t. He asked me something about my study. I told himI was the last one in my class. To me dismay, the headmaster then said that the bike was belonging to the girls. I had the key in my hand, but it was taken for grand. He confirmed that I had stolen the bike. I explained much to him, but he refused to listen. Until now, I didn’t know why he judged the bike which was bought by my sister to the two little girls. But I knew when I was in college that he had been arrested and then put into prison for graft.

The second unreasonable misunderstanding occurred in the third year of my high school. One day, my headmaster scolded me barely in the doorway of our classroom. He said that he got a report that I went to the dorm and had the water stopcock damaged. I was shocked by his scolding. In order to study harder and obtain more time, I had moved outside and rented a room with my friend. I didn’t have any time to damage the stopcock. But all the teachers in the office all said that I had done it. I tried hard to explain, but it didn’t draw any attention. When I came back to my seat, I wrote a letter to my friend in despair to tell my friend my encountering. I got a reply weeks later in which I was told that I shouldn’t explain because it would be darker if I explain. After I left the school, I was told that the teacher wanted me to study painting but I refused. He forbade me to come in the classroom. I was thirsty of study at that time. I told my relative who was a leader of the local bureau of education about the behaviors of the teacher. He called my teacher’slender and blamed him. At last, I needn’t follow his mind but he seemed to have hated me. It was easy to comprehend why he misunderstood me on purpose. Haworth it is a learnt fool.

Whenever I recalled the things above, the sentence my idol said would appear in my brain. You needn’t explain to anyone, especially those who are misunderstanding you on purpose.

Be cool

As a picky guy always finding the faults and blaming The useless and lazy employes of other departments, I couldn’t bear the unreasonable behaviorrs Spotted by me. I try hard to tell them the normal and reasonable way a human being should do to tackle the business, but to be sorrow and dismay, I haven’t drawn their attention yet. They couldn’t accept others’ advice. Whenever advice is sent to them. They pretend to be blind and deaf. Indeed, they sometimes oppose others’ advice. They think they will be under control if they accept it. That is their attitude toward work! Who fucked them?

After I entered the building and began my work cooperating with them, I found in surprise that I couldn’t get in touch with some of them. I was told that they were all on business and dealing with important affairs. I wondered how important things they were in? A worker needn’t receive calls from the group? Needn’t to say, they all lay! I couldn’t understand why the huge group has kept those fuck bull shit guys for such a long time. The group pretended to be upward and adjust the whole structure completely. But I found later that many responsible and diligent workers had been asked to leave the group in the meanwhile, a lot of lazy and thoughtless suckers were reserved. Yeah, their leaders were kidding us. What tricky foxes they are? Wasting life is their privilege! Enjoy it, asshole!
I will never give you any helpful advice anymore! I will ignore all your faults and shortcomings.
I will see you dying faster than before!

Deciding what type of laptop backpack to buy

Most people who prefer to use laptop backpacks are travelers and students.There are many designs, sizes as well as colors that you can choose from and thus there is something for everyone. Some laptop backpacks are designed with wheels and handles which enables you to pull it around instead of carrying it on your back.Whatever the design you chose, the most important thing is to ensure that your laptop backpack will protect your laptop. Choosing the right type of backpack can be a little tricky and thus it is important that you try to look at some of the best valuable laptop backpack that has been given by those who have bought it before. If a laptop has been given so many negative reviews then, you should not buy it.

When buying a laptop backpack you should ensure that it has enough padding in order to protect the laptop; If the backpack doesn’t have enough padding the laptop will easily get damaged as there will not be enough cushions to support it. The padding will protect it in case it falls or you sit on it.

Other than the padding you also need to ensure that the backpack has straps that will hold the laptop in place or have a pocket where you can put it in. This will ensure that the laptop. doesn’t move around while still in the bag.

The other feature that you have to consider is the number of compartments in the backpack. Most laptop backpacks will have different compartments where you can store other digital devices like cell phones. Other backpacks will also have a small compartment where you can put your water bottle. However, you will choose the right laptop depending on what exactly you intend to carry it in.

Another important feature that you have to consider is the design of the straps. The straps should be lined with mesh in order to provide relief and distribute the weight evenly. Ensure that the straps are also padded and can be adjusted.If you live in an area with hot climate, it is always advisable that you choose a backpack that will limit the area where it connects to your back. This ensures that there is continuous air flow between the laptop case and your back. You can also opt for the backpacks that have waist straps that way you can shift the weight from your shoulders to your waist.

When you are buying a backpack it might be a little difficult to tell where it will provide the comfort you need.Therefore, ensure that you buy it from a store where they can allow you to take it back if it doesn’t meet your needs.

If you are buying it online then it is best that you check out the laptop backpack review to see what the customers have to say about it.
Before you buy a backpack you should visit several sites and see the different designs as well as compare the prices so that You can qet the best deal.


March 2013 China Trip

March 27 arrived in China for another trip full of many happy memories

Arrived in Guangzhou and as always JoJo was there to meet me and see me safely to my Chinese home the “Hotel Fortuna” where we had a relaxing afternoon and evening catching up with my good friend the lovely Chu Chu.

The next day we decided to try a new experience and travel to Dongguan by bus. Quite an experience in the pouring rain, there was water coming in the bus through the roof, down the windows and all over the floor haha.The bus back to Shunde was dry but freezing cold but it was fun anyway.

Friday morning did some shopping before catching up with my good friend Amao and enjoying a wonderful dinner with him and his lovely new wife “Wing”. Thank you Amao you always show me a good time. Later that night my brother Anson also dropped into the hotel to see me. Thank you for the mother’s milk haha and as always it is so good to see you my brother. See you again soon.

My dear dear friend Yulian called me to say hi and sent me the most wonderful gift which she has hand made for me. Thank you sweet Yulian and I am so sorry we could not meet this time, we will try again next time.

The weekend was spent Qingyuan with my good friends Marius and CoCo. I had a fabulous weekend including a tour of their factory, lunch,dinner and KTV with all his staff and friends on the first night and an absolutely delightful day visiting CoCo’s Aunty and family on their farm and visiting her hometown village the next day. Unfortunately the rain spoiled our plans for a beach BBQ that day so we just had a quiet dinner and played pool until the early hours of the morning.

On returning to the hotel I was so happy that my special friend Carcia came and had dinner with me and stayed for a few drinks. I always love to spend time with her and enjoy her witty conversation so much haha. Congratulations on your new job Carcia I know you will do very well. Oh and you looked fantastic too.

The next day I was able to catch up with my goodfriend Candy and later that evening I had dinner with my good friends from ChaoYang who looked after me so well as always. Flora was looking stunning again and I love her company and humour.

The next day we went out with Chu Chu to see the sofa factory that she has modelled for and after that went to see Maple who showedus through the factory and then had a lovely dinner afterward. Maple who married recently was looking absolutely stunning, it seems married life is really good for her haha.

On Thursday morning my last day in the hotel, I was absolutely and so pleasantly surprised when this lovely girl from the restaurant in Hotel Fortuna gave me a beautiful gift from her hometown. Her name is Vivian and she is from Xi’an, I have come to know and enjoy talking to Vivian over the last 2 or 3 years and was so surprised when she said “I have a gift for you” Thank you Vivian you have no idea how much I appreciate your gift and how much joy it brings me knowing that you did that for me. It gave me much to think about and be thankful for on my way home to Australia that afternoon and evening.

And of course finally I have to thank my number one JoJo for always taking such good care of me “Thank you JoJo you are the best!” Oh and thank you to all those who phoned me just to say hi.You know who you are.

Finish the scheme on Rosetta Stone

I spent around sixteen days to complete the scheme of learning English on Rosetta Stone. Actually, our teacher required us to spend at least one hour every day and I spent at least four hours every day indeed. So the effect was not as good as I expect. When I surfed on the Internet, someone might ask me what the scheme looks like. I pasted a window of the content to them. Most of them thought it was too simple. In my opinion, it is not difficult for me. The goal for the scheme must is to help students to practice spoken English. So there are so many pictures in the scheme and when student looks at these pictures, they must imagine where/when she/he is and how to deal with such situations. This might help student adapt the real circumstance quickly. When we look at that English words or sentences, they are actually not a big deal. But when we want to use them freely, it’s very difficult for us. This might be why ECHO creates this scheme.

Nearly one year

It’s nearly one year. Sometimes time passed by quickly but on most occasions, I was lonely and boredom. At the beginning when I came here, everything was new and I felt excited. With time melts away, when everything became familiar, nothing attracted me once more. A few days later, my wife and daughter will come here and this makes me excited. At the end of this summer holiday, we will go back China together. Today is the Independent Day of US. In the morning, one of my roommates asked me to go to DC and watch the parade. I thought it must be great and brilliant. There must be large crowds of people and tourists there and the temperature will be 32 centigrades. Such situation makes me not any interest. In the evening, just outside the window, fireworks launch into the black sky just like Chinese New Year. This is also the National Day of US. Happy National Day for my friends of US.